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What the hell is sustainable transport?
You know what transport is.

You may know what sustainability is.

But sustainable transport?  Absolutely no clue.


The Transport and the Triple Bottom Line Summit ("Summit") explores the concept of 'sustainable transport,' leaving attendees with a fuller understanding of the term.  Panelists and speakers include an array of national experts, practitioners, and scholars on social equity and transport, the environmental impact of transport, financial mechanisms for secure and continuous operations, as well as decision-makers currently involved in California's notable public-private partnerships. Further, Summit panelists include leaders in the advocacy, public, private, P3, and nonprofit sectors. Integrating existing discourse and studies on sustainability and Elkington's and Savitz's Triple Bottom Line, attendees leave with a holistic and objective definition of sustainable transport, allowing all parties the ability to confidently and equally assess and explain such transport.

The Summit's 2023 tentative agenda can be viewed here.


The Transport and the Triple Bottom Line Summit is governed by the California Green Academy's Board of Directors.

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