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Dr. Joseph Kott, AICP, PTP (1947-2019), was many things, to many people: father, husband, bicyclist, Chief Transportation Officer, nonprofit founder, scholar, professor, planning practioner, mentor, and so much more.  For us at CalGreen and TransportiCA, he was something else: the living enbodiment of active and sustainable transportation.  Dr. Kott was the first professor we came across to know of-and able to easily explain-the nuances and technical elements of sustainable transport, other than simply saying, "you don't use gas."  Sadly, in mid-February, Dr. Kott took-off on his dream bike ride, much sooner than anyone expected.


On Tuesday, 30 July, CalGreen, and other honored speakers (including his wife, above) celebrated Dr. Kott's impact, vision, and legacy.


The Transformational Speaker Series is incredibly thankful and grateful to the Moss Beach Distillery and the Detroit Tigers, for their generous sponsorship of this month's webinar.  On his birthday (15 July), Dr. Kott would go to the Distillerly to enjoy sliders, an IPA, and the views of the coast.  As well, born and raised in Detroit to a Chrysler family, and having attended Wayne State, Dr. Kott was a lifelong Tigers fan.

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