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Copyright: Katherine Kott, Ph.D.


Dr. Joseph Kott

On behalf of the California Green Academy, our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Professor Joseph Kott, Ph.D.  With many of CalGreen's staff being Dr. Kott's former San Jose State and Presidio Graduate School students and colleagues, we are incredibly saddened by the news of his passing.


Dr. Kott was a monumentally generous man, whose passion for sustainable transportation and inclusive economic development was significant and infectious, and we are incredibly proud, and grateful, for his mentoring TransportiCA and CalGreen.


While Dr. Kott will be significantly missed, his passion for furthering equitable mobility and transport will be one of his greatest legacies, and CalGreen will do our best to advance his important work.


In lieu of flowers, Dr. Kott's family has asked you please consider a donation to one of his favorite charities: Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities (founded by him)Union of Concerned Scientists, Society for Science and the Public, League of American Bicyclists, or Homeless Youth Alliance.

"Dr. Kott was not just a skilled planner and professor, but truly dedicated to his students, committed to sustainable transportation and transportation justice, and always gracious, warm, thoughtful, and supportive, in particular of the next generation of planners.

Every time I would present in his class, he would provide the most heartfelt welcoming and introduction, and raise the expectations in the room to such a high degree, that I would often blush and have to crack a joke or attempt to lower the expectations in the room in some way. That's just the kind of person he was. I'm saddened by this news and will sincerely miss his presence and partnership."  -Chris Lepe, MUP, TransForm.

"Joe Kott was a PhD student with Jeff Kenworthy and I while based in California.

Joe was the gentlest and most supportive PhD I have ever worked with and a deeply spiritual man. My wife and I were privileged to stay with him and Katherine in California. He really appreciated doing his PhD with us as it gave a less car-dependent perspective and Jeff was an exceptional inspiration to him over the past decade. Joe deeply understood that if we do not build our cities so cars are a servant and not a master we will be in big trouble. He brought the conviction of a design engineer to how this can be done, one street at a time. Its such a pity that he could not have lived longer in delivering his message. Farewell, Joe.  Peter."

-Professor Peter Newman, AO; John Curtin Distinguished Professor of Sustainability, Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute (Western Australia).

"I’ve only known Dr. Kott for four years, but we became good friends and associates, not only at San Jose State, but also at Mineta Transportation Institute, ITS-Berkeley, and Stanford’s Urban Studies program.  In his life (which ended far too early) Joe was an inspiration to everyone that he touched--a true leader, innovator, and mentor to young professionals."  -Dr. Charles Rivasplata, Professor and SFMTA Senior Planner.


Remi Mateo, MPA - Deputy Editor of TransportiCA (above, left),

with Dr. Kott; Fremont, Calif., May 2016.

Further tributes can be found online at Palo Alto Online, Stanford News and the Stanford Daily, as well as, the Northern Section of the California Chapter of APA.

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