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Focused on sustainable transport and urban innovation, the monthly "Transformational Speaker Series" ("Series") features some of the greatest minds in sustainability and mobility–at no charge to attend


The Series is a partnership between Island Press, TransportiCA, and the Mineta Transportation Institute.


Follow the Series YouTube, and for additional information, please email:


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Prior Series Webinars

April 2019: Drs. John Renne (FAU) and Billy Fields (TSU)

Adaptation Urbanism

September 2018: Dr. Karen Trapenberg Frick (Berkeley)

Critical Lessons for Infrastructure Megaprojects and the “Third Crossing” Project

August 2018: Prof. Karen Firehock (UVA)

The Importance of Green Infrastructure Planning in Sustainable Transportation Design and Engineering

Inaugural Series Event - July 2018: Professor Ethan N. Elkind (Berkeley)

The Transformation of Los Angeles' Metro Rail System

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