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"Streets of Clay: Design and Assessment of Sustainable Urban and Suburban Streets" is Tran

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”), and its sustainable transport blog TransportiCA, are proud to announce the doctoral dissertation “Streets of Clay: Design and Assessment of Sustainable Urban and Suburban Streets,” by Dr. Joseph Kott, AICP, PTP, as July 2019’s Book Club selection. Streets of Clay is Dr. Kott’s 2011 Urban & Regional Transportation Planning Ph.D. dissertation, published for the Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute. In his extensive research findings, Dr. Kott affirms the importance to communities of multi-purpose street environments, also finding that arterial streets could be re-designed, now engendering activity and promoting sustainability. “TransportiCA is incredibly proud to feature Streets of Clay, further providing Dr. Kott with the attention he so rightfully deserved, and we are confident his dissertation inspires a new generation of planners and engineers, finally seeing ‘Green Streets’ as the only way forward. Dr. Kott was also an early supporter of TransportiCA, and for this, we are incredibly appreciative,” remarked Greg Justice, TransportiCA founder and CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer. Streets of Clay’s abstract is on page two of the news release below, along with a beautiful statement by Dr. Jeff Kenworthy–Dr. Kott’s Ph.D. Supervisor. As with every monthly Book Club selection, readers can take part in a contest, with three questions about the author’s professional life. July’s Book Club winner receives a $50 donation to Transportation Choices for Sustainable Communities Policy and Research Institute (the nonprofit founded by Dr. Kott), pledged in the winner’s honor. Founded in 2015, TransportiCA is CalGreen’s flagship program, focusing on the promotion and education of sustainable transport: “Mobility meeting the Triple Bottom Line.” TransportiCA's most popular feature is the monthly Book Club, with every publication featured embodying the Triple Bottom Line’s three elements–social responsibility, financial security/obligation, as well as, ecological stewardship. For further information, please email the Book Club.

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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