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"Seamless Transit" is TransportiCA's June 2019 Book Club Selection

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”), and its sustainable transport blog “TransportiCA,” are proud to announce the SPUR publication, “Seamless Transit: How to make Bay Area public transit function like one rational, easy-to-use system” (pictured above), as June 2019’s Book Club selection. Seamless Transit is authored by Ratna Amin, MCP, MS, and co-authored by Sara Barz, MCP. The report offers five bold strategies in addressing regional transit issues, such as: poor information for multi-operator trips; fare payment technology limitations and multi-operator financial penalties; uncoordinated transit hubs, regional transit network gaps, and duplicative services; and, so much more. “TransportiCA is incredibly proud to feature Seamless Transit, highlighting SPUR’s important work on regional transit coordination, especially with regards to a uniform and/or shared fare. When I moved to Northern California from L.A. (2007), I was used to–and incredibly appreciative–of L.A.’s regional ‘EZ Transit’ pass, as it is a monthly transit pass, good on 24 systems. With SPUR’s work, I hope Bay Area planners work toward this goal, also realizing each system does not compete against each other,” said Greg Justice, TransportiCA founder and CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer. As with every monthly Book Club selection, readers can take part in a contest, with three questions about the authors’ professional lives. June’s Book Club winner receives a $50 SPUR gift membership. Founded in 2015, TransportiCA is CalGreen’s flagship program, focusing on the promotion and education of sustainable transport: “Mobility meeting the Triple Bottom Line.” TransportiCA's most popular feature is the monthly Book Club, with every publication featured embodying the Triple Bottom Line’s three elements–social responsibility, financial security/obligation, and ecological stewardship (the foundation of sustainable transport). For further information, please email

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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