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"Norman Mineta and his Legacy: An American Story" Premiers Tonight Nationally, on Many PBS

The award-winning documentary showcases the decades of trailblazing efforts and bipartisan leadership, by the Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient, national hero, and California’s “Son of San Jose.”

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”), and its sustainable transportation blog “TransportiCA,” are excited to remind everyone, the award-winning documentary “Norman Mineta and his Legacy: An American Story,” makes its nationwide premier tonight, screening on all California PBS stations. The documentary is directed and produced by Dianne Fukami, co-produced with Debra Nakatomi (Fukami and Nakatomi, both being veteran PBS producers), written by Ken Chowder, and is a joint effort, between the public nonprofit Center for Asian American Media, and the Mineta Legacy Project. “If you are a millennial like me, still puzzled by the transportation monoculture that dominated your parent’s generation, and you’re now appreciative of today’s more diverse and environmentally friendly mobility options, the first person to thank is, without any doubt, Sec. Norman Mineta. From his time in Congress, with passage of the "Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act" (1991), co-authoring the landmark “Americans with Disabilities Act” (1991), establishment of the groundbreaking Mineta Transportation Institute, to his days as Secretary of Transportation, this–and future generations–have a multimodal, more sustainable transportation system, because of Sec. Mineta’s unwavering drive for diversity, inclusion, and mobility,” remarked Greg Justice, CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer (ED). “Norman Mineta and his Legacy: An American Story” premieres tonight at 21:00, on PBS stations KIXE, KVIE, KQED/KQET, KVPT, KOCE, KPBS, PBS SoCal, PBS SoCal 2, and PBS SoCal World, and premiers tomorrow–Tuesday, 21 May–at 01:30, on KEET. Additional information can be found on the Mineta Legacy Project’s website, and the documentary’s official news release is available online, here.

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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