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CalGreen Congratulates Board Vice Chair Michael Casas and Deputy Editor Remi Mateo, for Their Upcomi

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”) is incredibly proud to send Michael Casas–CalGreen’s Board Vice Chair–and Remi Mateo– TransportiCA’s Deputy Editor (both pictured above)–their biggest congratulations, as both join the Class of 2019, graduating this, and next month, from San José State University (“SJSU”), and the Presidio Graduate School (“PGS”), respectively. Casas graduates from SJSU’s College of Social Sciences, with a Master of Urban Planning (one of the nation’s premier urban planning programs), having served as president of SJSU’s Urban Planning Coalition, and as a Research Assistant, at the renowned Mineta Transportation Institute. Mateo graduates from PGS (ranked #1, nationally, for their sustainability programs), with a Master of Public Administration in Sustainable Management, having served as co-founder and Chair of the student association “Transport Presidio,” co-organizer of the “Transportation and the Triple Bottom Line” conference, and as a 2016 Fellow, for the “World Energy Innovation Forum,” hosted by Tesla. “EVERYONE at CalGreen is incredibly proud of Michael and Remi’s massive accomplishment, and we are confident in our belief, the world is a much better place, because of their knowledge, passion, and the perspectives they both bring–especially their unwavering dedication to equity and inclusive mobility. Having served as a professor, advisor, and an all-around generous mentor to both, it is also unfortunate Dr. Joseph Kott is no longer with us, as I am confident Dr. Kott would be wildly proud of Michael and Remi,” remarked Greg Justice, TransportiCA founder and CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer (ED). SJSU’s graduation takes place Wednesday, 22 May, and PGS’ on Sunday, 02 June, in San Francisco.

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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