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"Pricing Roads, Advancing Equity" is TransportiCA's April 2019 / Earth Day Book Club S

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”), and its sustainable transport blog “TransportiCA,” are proud to announce the publication “Pricing Roads, Advancing Equity” (“publication,” pictured right), as April’s Book Club selection.

Pricing Roads, Advancing Equity is co-authored by TransForm founder, former Executive Director, and independent consultant, Stuart Cohen, MPP, as well as, Alan S. Hoffman, M.Ed. / MS / S.M., transportation planning and policy specialist, and Founder / Editor of the blog, “Urban Visioning.” The publication is a joint effort of the Natural Resources Defense Council (“NRDC”) and TransForm, with case studies authorship and review from Chris Lepe, MUP, TransForm’s Regional Policy Director, editing by Edie Irons, Communications Directors, and research assistance from former transport policy interns, Zack Deutsch-Gross and Matthew Chiodo. “TransportiCA is incredibly proud to feature this publication, in the same month as Earth Day, as this is a landmark report, enshrining the fundamental importance of race, equity, and social justice in transport planning, making sure a transport system’s environmental and financial impacts are not only reduced, but equitable for the most vulnerable users,” remarked Greg Justice, CalGreen’s C.S.O. As with every monthly Book Club selection, readers can take part in a contest, with three questions about the authors’ professional lives. April’s winner receives both a gift membership to NRDC, as well as, a donation to TransForm, pledged in honor of the winner. Founded in 2015, TransportiCA is CalGreen’s flagship program, focusing on the promotion and education of sustainable transport: “Mobility meeting the Triple Bottom Line.” TransportiCA's most popular feature is the monthly Book Club, with every publication featured embodying the elements of the Triple Bottom Line, and the foundation of sustainable transport – social responsibility, financial security, and ecological stewardship. For more information, please email:

A PDF of this news release is available here.

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