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CalGreen Launches its 2018-19 Annual Campaign

Help the California Green Academy now, until 31 December, with an end-of-the-year, tax-deductible donation.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”) encourages everyone who has not been able to give this tax year, consider making an end-of-the-year, tax-deductible donation, prior to 23:59, 31 December. Unlike most nonprofits, CalGreen has NO paid staff; therefore, zero donations go to personnel costs. As well, CalGreen’s program costs are incredibly low, due to the monumental use of online (free) and donated capital, and an organizational commitment of maximizing every single resource.

With no personnel costs and low program costs, the Annual Campaign is seeking $7,200, for two years of office rent, securing CalGreen’s current office in California’s capitol-until the end of 2020. Since March 2017, CalGreen has grown significantly in programs and staff, and a larger and secure office is needed, allowing CalGreen to continue their mission of promoting systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line in business, energy, and transport. Lastly, CalGreen will receive 100% of any donation made on Facebook, as absolutely zero administrative or processing fees are collected.

CalGreen’s 2018-19 Annual Campaign helps secure our physical presence in California’s Capitol, so we may continue to promote systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line in business, energy, and transport. We are incredibly thankful to everyone donating to the annual campaign; this tax-deductible investment in CalGreen will help us significantly with pursuing our mission and vision, and we are very grateful 100% of donations made on Facebook go directly to CalGreen–no admin or processing fees are ever withdrawn,” stated Greg Justice, CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CEO/ED).

CalGreen is a domestic, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, recognized by the IRS, and California’s Franchise Tax Board and Registry of Charitable Trusts. As a 501(c)(3), CalGreen’s donations are tax-deductible. For further Annual Campaign fundraising information, please email

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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