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CalGreen Emphasizes the Importance of this Election

With the General Election less than one week away, CalGreen reminds citizens how imperative your voice is.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”) reminds all followers to exercise their right to cast a ballot next week, affirming your voice in California’s Democracy.

“You have probably heard or been told, ‘this is the most important election.’ For California, this election really is vital, especially for continuing California’s national leadership in healthcare, environmental protection, and sustainability,” stated Greg Justice, CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CEO/ED).

If you missed the 22 October deadline for voter registration, you can still vote in the election, using the “Conditional Voter Registration,” from now, until election day. The General Election takes place next Tuesday, 06 November, 07:00-20:00 PST, and California’s polling locations can be found here.

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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