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CalGreen Celebrates the 73rd Annual "United Nations Day"

The annual celebration reaffirms the power of the world’s foremost intergovernmental organization, giving thanks to the many global leaders still abiding by the vision of “one world.”

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”), is proud to take part in celebration of the 73rd annual “United Nations Day,” marking CalGreen’s deep support for the peacemaking intergovernmental organization.

United Nations (“U.N.”) Day marks the anniversary of the U.N. Charter’s 1945 ratification by member states, signed in San Francisco. With the adoption of this governing document by a majority of signatoriesincluding the five permanent members of the Security Council, the United Nations was officially established. The 24th of October has been celebrated as ‘U.N. Day,’ since 1948; in 1971, the U.N. General Assembly recommended the day be observed by all Member States, in the manner of a public holiday.

CalGreen is very proud to take part in celebrating the lasting contributions and continuous need for the U.N., especially given the current failed leadership from the permanent Security Council majority, and the historic role the United States’ played in establishing this peacemaking body, in the aftermath of war, and when all people lacked a peaceful universal body,” stated Greg Justice, CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer.

More information on the U.N.its Charter, governing units, etc., can be found at CalGreen’s U.N. webpage, as well as, the U.S.A. United Nations Association.

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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