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CalGreen Board Approve New Professional Services: CalGreen Writing Services and Consulting Solutions

Both programs will provide new revenue and expansion opportunities for CalGreen, providing quality and affordable professional assistance to students, members, and supporters.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple-Bottom Line, the Board of Directors (“Board”) for the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”) has approved two new professional service programs–CalGreen Writing Services and CalGreen Consulting Solutions. Both programs represent new funding opportunities, further establish CalGreen as an academically oriented nonprofit, as well as, provides quality and expert assistance–at greatly discounted rates–to students, members and organizational supporters.

“With CalGreen’s staff education and expertise in nonprofit management consulting and writing and editing services, we have the opportunity to assist students, who would not be able to access such critical services. Further, the programs afford CalGreen experiential learning opportunities with, and to, graduate students, advancing their academic pursuits, and strengthening CalGreen’s educational foundation,” stated Greg Justice, CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CEO/ED).

CalGreen Writing Services (“CWS”) delivers professional writing, editing, and revision services, principally for college students, and at significantly discounted rates. Work accepted for CWS is anything that aligns with CalGreen's mission and vision, and/or any of CalGreen's programs. Additionally, CWS offers these services to nonprofit entities at below-market rates, and to individuals (non-students) and for-profit entities at market rates–with the priority being student clientele. CWS staff have extensive writing, editing, and revision experience; respective higher-education obtainment; as well as, professional association certification, while also pursuing respective continuing education.

CalGreen Consulting Solutions ("CCS") provides clients best practice solutions for nonprofit board governance; executive leadership and development; general administration; program development; public policy, advocacy, and lobbying; state and federal incorporation and exemption, and overall compliance; strategic and succession planning; social impact analysis; social entrepreneurship; as well as, sustainability collaborations and reporting. CSS operates with professional and graduate-student consultants, representing collaborative engagements with valued nonprofit higher-education programs. As with CWS, work accepted for CSS includes anything aligning with CalGreen's mission and vision, and/or any of CalGreen's programs. CCS also provides these services to students and nonprofits at below-market rates, and to individuals (non-students) and foundations at market rates. CCS staff have master degrees in nonprofit administration, management and leadership, and are obtaining professional certification and credentialing in nonprofit management, human resources, and/or fundraising, development and philanthropy.

CalGreen’s Board will finalize program rates and policies for both services at their upcoming annual meeting. For additional program information, please direct inquiries to and/or, or follow the programs on Twitter, with the handles @calgreenwriting and @CGAConsulting.

A PDF of this re;ease can be downloaded here.

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