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CalGreen Commends CalNonprofits' Rigorous Work

From fighting to preserve the Johnson Amendment to defeating the Amazingly Bad (AB) 1250, CalNonprofits concludes another year, working hard and nonstop, for California’s social sector.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With the release of their 2017 Annual Report, CalGreen commends the California Association of Nonprofits (“CalNonprofits”) for their dedicated, continuous, and powerful work, especially with the turbulent times facing nonprofits at state and federal levels.

“Whether it was leading defeat of the job-killing A.B. 1250, protecting free speech by fighting to preserve the Johnson Amendment, amplifying the sector’s presence and impact with the Assembly Select Committee on the Nonprofit Sector, or with the Nonprofit Overhead and Student Debt projects, CalNonprofits continues to fight with absolute vigor for California’s nonprofits, making sure California remains a Golden State for the social sector, as well,” remarked Greg Justice, CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer (CEO/ED).

In addition to their ongoing work of representing 10,000-plus California organizations, CalNonprofits is also leading the way with the Schools and Communities First ballot measure initiative, ensuring greater financial security, career opportunities, and fair tax parity for community service organizations.

“Given the incredible amount of vital work performed by CalNonprofits, supporting them with a membership is an amazing investment, and we [CalGreen] are very proud of our CalNonprofits membership and benefits, in addition to, the unmatched professional resources and network available for ours–and other member’s–use,” stated Bob Brodie, Treasurer and Chief Technology Officer.

CalNonprofits’ 2017 Annual Report can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here. Further, for additional information, please visit CalNonprofits’ website, or send an email by clicking here.

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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