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CalGreen Now Seeking Student Board Member

Founded upon education in sustainable business, energy, and transportation, CalGreen seeks an amazing student board member, sharing its passion and vision.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple-Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”) is now seeking a Student Board Member (“SBM”) to serve on its Board of Directors. CalGreen seeks any California undergraduate or graduate student, in a field of study aligned with CalGreen’s mission and programs. With CalGreen’s commitment to diversity, first-generation college, female, ethnic minorities, LGBTQIA, differently-abled, non-traditional, and other students historically shunned from mainstream environmental work are heavily encouraged to apply.

“The California Green Academy is named so, as we put education first; therefore, the need to have student representation and input on the Board is paramount to our organization’s success,” remarked Miguel E. Del Mundo, Board Chair. “As a former student-body president, I know how important student representation is, and how CalGreen’s work compliments and strengthens academic pursuits. We welcome such involvement in our governance, and a new perspective in our deliberations.”

As a SBM, compensation is $100 per quarterly meeting attended, $50 per special meeting attended, and $25 per emergency meeting attended–the latter two meetings held upon the call of the Chair. As well, all travel on behalf of board meetings is reimbursed, including hotel, food, and incidental costs, when attending CalGreen’s annual meeting in Sacramento. The SBM’s term is one year, and may be extended another term (year), upon Board approval. Besides having the same rights and responsibilities as other board members, the SBM’s contributions are equally valued and sought.

For more information, and to complete an application, please visit CalGreen’s Board Member Recruitment page at: Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis, and feel free to direct further inquiries to: directors[at]

A PDF of the release can be downloaded here.

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