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Greg Finkelstein Appointed Ethics Chief

New Chief Ethics Officer will oversee legal and ethical compliance for CalGreen’s operations and administration, providing critical oversight and best practices.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems-thinking and the Triple-Bottom Line, CalGreen proudly announces the appointment of Greg Finkelstein, as the first Chief Ethics Officer. The new position will focus on critical / comprehensive oversight, also integrating best practices for administrative, program, legal, and ethical compliance.

“I am excited and honored for this opportunity. I believe that in order to combat the forces that are jeopardizing the welfare our planet, it is essential to address issues, like greenhouse gas emissions, on many fronts. Calgreen is an organization that perceives situations from a bird's-eye-view, and strives for solutions that correct the roots of problems, not merely the symptoms within a larger system. Because of this tactful approach and CalGreen's noble efforts, it is my hope that I will be of use in fulfilling their mission and goals,” stated Finkelstein.

The first year of any nonprofit is vital for compliance and grounding best practices in all affairs. An ethics chief will allow CalGreen a neutral third-party for reviewing and addressing standards and practices, ensuring stakeholders know CalGreen values and exercises ethical administration.

“We are incredibly honored to have Mr. Finkelstein as a CalGreen executive; his performance as Director of Standards and Practices for USF’s Nonprofit Student Council has shown he possess amazing and unwavering leadership and collaborative skills, and as an mediary, he makes sure fairness and protocol are significantly considered in such matters,” responded CalGreen CSO, Greg Justice.

Finkelstein’s appointment is effective immediately, and the Board looks forward to his many contributions.


Founded 17 March 2017, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”) is a domestic nonprofit, advancing systems-thinking and the Triple-Bottom Line in business, energy and transport. CalGreen oversees the sustainability programs TransportiCA, Sustainable Sacramento, as well as, the “Transportation and the Triple-Bottom Line” conference.

Greg Finkelstein serves as the Director of Standards and Practices of the University of San Francisco’s (USF) Nonprofit Student Council. Finkelstein graduated from U.C. Davis in 2013, with a degree in Animal Science–emphasizing Animal Behavior and Welfare. He has a deep appreciation for the great outdoors, and his experiences as an eagle scout have helped shape who he is today. Finkelstein is also a candidate for a Master of Nonprofit Administration, from USF’s School of Management. Further, he looks forward to increasing animal welfare, while promoting the human-animal bond.

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