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CalGreen Welcomes new Chancellor Gary S. May, Ph.D., to UC Davis!

Last Tuesday, UC Davis welcomed Dr. Gary S. May as the campus' seventh Chancellor. The California Green Academy formally welcomes Chancellor May, and offers our assistance, in any way possible, as Dr. May acclimates to the new position and Davis community.

Chancellor May's arrival is incredibly important, especially being a Person of Color. While UC Davis and the University of California, as a whole, has around 4% of African-Americans as students, Chancellor May serves as a role model for African-American, and other underrepresented ethnic minorities, especially young African-American men, whose presence in the UC system is sorely lacking.

CalGreen expects many great accomplishments and profound leadership with Chancellor May, and we welcome him, his wife LeShelle, and daughters Simone and Jordan, to UC Davis.

Chancellor-designate Dr. Gary S. May, with his wife, LeShelle R. May, while visiting the campus on 24 April 2017. (UC Davis)

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