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CalGreen Announces Founding Board of Directors and Officers


16 JUNE 2017

CONTACT: Greg Justice, Founder / Chief Sustainability Officer (CEO) | news[at] | 530.746.8297


CalGreen will oversee three major existing sustainability programs, while seeking program expansion, and nonprofit 501(c)(3) status.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems-thinking and the Triple-Bottom Line, CalGreen proudly announces its founding board members and officers.

Board members include:

1) Miguel Del Mundo (Chair): legal scholar and founder / former Executive Director of Empowering Youth Leaders Institute;

2) James “Jay” Spears: educator and musician;

3) Charles Rivasplata, Ph.D., MTPS: Mineta Transportation Institute Research Associate, San José State professor and SFMTA Senior Transportation Planner;

4) Anthony J. Palmere: General Manager of Unitrans–the transit agency for U.C. Davis and the City of Davis, and UCD Institute of Transportation Studies professor; and,

5) Cindy Blain, MBA: Executive Director of California ReLeaf, formerly of the Sacramento Tree Foundation.

Founding CalGreen officers include:

1) Greg Justice, Chief Sustainability Officer (CEO): currently, Founder and Principal of Aggie Writing Services, and Founder and Editor of TransportiCA;

2) Mickey Bejarano, MA, Chief Administrative Officer: Bilingual Administrator; and,

3) Robert Brodie, Treasurer / Chief Technology Officer: Computer Programmer and Founder and Principal of Poi Technologies, LLC.

Already incorporated in California, CalGreen is undergoing the process for 501(c)(3) exemption status with the IRS and California’s Franchise Tax Board. Besides the programs mentioned, CalGreen is also developing “Transport College”–a survey conference for transportation planning, policy, and engineering, as well as, the “Journal of Transportation and the Triple-Bottom Line”–a peer-reviewed publication focusing on student research in sustainable transport.

CalGreen’s Board of Directors will have their first meeting Saturday, 24 June.


Founded 17 March 2017, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”) is a domestic nonprofit, advancing systems-thinking and the Triple-Bottom Line in business, energy and transport. CalGreen oversees the sustainability programs TransportiCA, Sustainable Sacramento, as well as, the “Transportation and the Triple-Bottom Line” conference.

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