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Why we use Blogger and Other Google Resources

CalGreen is a new nonprofit and does not have the significant and secure revenue streams other nonprofits possess. With this in mind, and abiding by our organization’s commitment to maximizing all resources, using Blogger and other tools is the wisest choice for us – BECAUSE ITS FREE! We understand use of free website design tools may be unappealing to some, as they see this as utilizing dated technology, but for CalGreen, and administering so many programs, we enjoy what Blogger and other Google tools do for us. CalGreen’s main website is constructed using a paid service, as we our testing-out this approach. As of now, Blogger has been able to accomplish almost the same results as the subscription website tools. Furthermore, if we have a formatting issuing, our wonderful CTO does his magic, and soon enough, problem solved. Google’s resources are simple to use, and their GSuite Business programs offer the best of both worlds: incredibly affordable for nonprofits, and amazingly impactful to our work, helping our IT needs integrate on many platforms. Going forward with CalGreen’s operations, it will take a truly incredible suite of products with an unbeatable price for us to switch our loyalties from Google. For the time being, this has not occurred, nor do we see it occurring in the near future. Google’s resources for nonprofits simply do not compare to other products on the market.

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