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We Give You Our Word: Those TY's on Twitter are not From Robots...

If you happen to follow one of CalGreen's Twitter accounts - TransportiCA, SCS, Transport Journal, etc., and later, receive a 'thank you' message for your following, we can definitely guarantee this: those replies are sincere, but most importantly, not from robots!

First, we are incredibly thankful for your investment in our movement and taking the time to explore what CalGreen is about, and the hard work we perform. We value the human connection, so we do not have the desire to implement automated responses or any such technology for our communication venues. Seeing you following us on Twitter is GREATLY appreciated, and incredibly inspiring; this let's us know you value our contributions and our thinking of us. ("You love us, you REALLY love us...")

But most of all, we can't afford that technology...

But if we could, that would just be weird on our part, especially the privacy issues raised, not to mention the creepiness of a machine "liking" what you had for lunch...

In conclusion, we know you cannot see us perform our work, but we give you our absolute word: we - humans of CalGreen - are taking your communications to us seriously, value what you share with us, and have responded sincerely and of our own accord when you receive any messages from our accounts.

We wish you this best, and thank you for your time!

(Unless you're a robot... then, do us all a favor and self-destruct. [But not before vacuuming the front room.])

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