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Why do we have a CSO, not CEO?

Many corporations - for-profit or nonprofit - are traditionally led by a "Chief Executive Officer" ("CEO"), or some other executive-sounding administrator. The California Green Academy ("CalGreen") is all about sustainability, especially operating in accordance with "Sustainable Management." Because we are aware operating as such is THE imperative way of managing organizations, we needed to make sure sustainability is always the focus of what we do. Having a "Chief Sustainability Officer" ("CSO") as the highest executive guarantees we do not lose sight of sustainability, and lets others know we are serious about sustainable management, operating with the utmost dedication to the Triple-Bottom Line.

It is our hope other organizations will see the absolute need for implementing sustainable management, and that administration and operations - even mildly based-upon sustainability - requires having a CSO on your team, even if they are not the principal executive.

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