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AmazonSmile News Releases

CNR-2020-47-12.21: For Your Last-Minute Shopping, Don't Forget CalGreen!

CNR-2020-43-11.25: This #BlackFriday and #CyberMonday, Don't Forget CalGreen!

CNR-2020-36-10.14: Support the California Green Academy, this Prime Day! (Today)

CNR-2020-06-02.05: Be our Sweetheart, and Support CalGreen, this February!

CNR-2019-60-12.15: Support CalGreen, now with Android's Amazon Shopping App!

CNR-2019-58-12.10: Support CalGreen with your Holiday Shopping!

CNR-2019-54-12.01: Support CalGreen through your Cyber Monday Shopping!

CNR-2019-39-07.14: Support CalGreen Directly on Amazon's Prime Day!

CNR-2019-32-06.10: This Sunday, Your Father Deserves, Only the Best!

CNR-2019-27-05.20: Support the California Green Academy Further, with AmazonSmile's Charity Lists!
CNR-2019-24-05.18: For all of Your Summer School and Beach Supplies, AmazonSmile is Your Smartest-and Coolest-Choice!

CNR-2019-22-05.07: This Sunday, Your Mother Deserves, Only the Best!
CNR-2019-08-02.04: Be Our Sweetheart, and Support CalGreen this February!  :)
CNR-2019-06-01.20: AmazonSmile Increasing Donations, now until 31 January!


CNR-2018-62-12.10: Help Support CalGreen with AmazonSmile's New Charity Lists
CNR-2018-56-11.21: For Black Friday & Cyber Monday, Don't Forget CalGreen!!!
CNR-2018-48-10.30: AmazonSmile Increasing CalGreen Donations, This Week Only
CNR-2018-21-07.15: Support CalGreen Directly on Amazon's Prime Day!
CNR-2018-06-03.14: Amazon Smile Tripling Donations for CalGreen
CNR-2018-02-02.24: CalGreen Establishes AmazonSmile Profile



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