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The Sustainable Chamber of Sacramento ("SCS") is the California Green Academy's developing regional business association, promoting sustainable management, the Triple Bottom Line, and many other environmentally friendly and socially responsible business operations.

SCS is named so, not only to denote commerce, but also in appreciation of California's Senate Bill (SB) 375, the "Sustainable Communities and Climate Protection Act of 2008" (Steinberg).  A major requirement of SB 375 is the creation of a "Sustainable Communities Strategy," in which California's 18 regions determine the best approach to greenhouse gas reduction, through the integrative management of jobs, housing, and transportation.  Although SB 375 addresses a multitude of environmental considerations, SCS - the Chamber - exists to complement the economic aspects of the statute.

As shown in the pie chart to the right, in 2018 (the latest available figures), nearly half (46%) of all California emissions resulted from the transportation (41%) and commercial (5%) sectors.  SCS exists to provide the incredible economic incentives from sustainable business practices and transportation, as we all know, in California, aggressive environmental protection and economic expansion is possible, and has occurred for nearly two decades.  SCS is proud to serve the Capitol regions' business community and Sacramento's dedicated ECOpreneurs.


California emissions inventory by sector (2018, the latest information available). California Air Resources Board.

SCS' mission is, "Business for Good is Just Good Business."

The Sustainable Chamber of Sacramento is governed by the California Green Academy's Board of Directors.

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