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campaign celebrates the "Equality Act" (H.R. 5 / S.393), and the overwhelming need for federal protections against sex, sexual orientation, and gender identity discrimination.  Sadly, even in 2021, the U.S. does not provide these protections to women and LGBTQ+ populations, despite these protections being common in advanced / developed countries.

Since 2007, the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives has passed the Equality Act - and similar versions - in every Congressional session.  However, the Republican Party has stood firmly opposed to such civil rights protections, simply arguing that Americans should be able to openly discriminate against other people, even when most Americans do not agree with this, and despite Constitutional principles and Supreme Court rulings, opposing such discrimination.

Despite the Republican Party's open hostility to equality, a nationwide survey conducted last year by the Public Religion Research Institute found 76% of Americans supporting the Act's principles - including a majority of Republicans and White Evangelicals polled (62%).  Despite these findings, the Republican Party still officially opposes the Equality Act.  We need to move the U.S. forward by demanding passage of the Act in the Senate.

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Please contact your U.S. Senators demanding they support the Equality Act (Senate Bill 393 (Merkley, D-OR)), putting a needed end to this horrific chapter of U.S. history. For more information, please email: info[at]

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