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July 2018's Presenter

"Grant Writing for a Greater Cause"

Webinar Recording | Event Documents | Official News Release


Dr. Kenneth Pierce (above) is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Principal Consultant at Pierce Consulting, LLC.  With his background including professional services for social justice organizations, programs that aid at-risk youth, and various social science higher-education appointments, Dr. Pierce speaks about the 'power of the pen,' in the webinar "Grant Writing for a Greater Cause."  Through Pierce Consulting, Dr. Pierce is able to use his higher education and nonprofit experiences, leading his team in thoughtfully crafting grant proposals, and aiding in the mission of solving social problems - such as education, poverty, violence, and police brutality. 

Dr. Pierce earned degrees from Olive-Harvey College, DePaul University, and the State University of New York at Stony Brook (S.B. Univ).

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