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March's TransportiCA Book Club Selections Proudly Celebrate Women's History Month

SACRAMENTO, Calif.–With its mission to advance systems thinking and the Triple Bottom Line, the California Green Academy (“CalGreen”), and its sustainable transportation blog TransportiCA, are proud to announce “Attracting and Retaining Women in the Transportation Industry,” and “Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship: A Guiding Framework and Systematic Literature Review” (above) as the March Book Club selections. Attaining and Retaining Women is co-authored by Jodi Godfrey, MSCE, and Dr. Robert Bertini, Center for Urban Transportation Research (University of South Florida), and was conducted for the Mineta Transportation Institute (San Jose State University). Women’s Energy Entrepreneurship, conducted for ENERGIA, is co-authored by Dr. Anita Shankar, Bloomberg School of Public Health; Dr. Amanda Elam and Ariel de Fauconberg, Center for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership (Babson College); and, Allie McGonagle Glinski, Int’l Center for Research on Women. “CalGreen is incredibly proud to feature both publications this Women’s History Month, promoting the empowerment of women in transport and clean energy, and doing our part to remind everyone female representation and leadership, IN ALL SECTORS, benefits everyone tremendously–not just women,” stated Greg Justice, CalGreen’s Chief Sustainability Officer. Founded in May 2015, TransportiCA is CalGreen’s flagship program, focusing on the promotion of sustainable transport: “Mobility meeting the Triple Bottom Line.” TransportiCA's most popular feature is the monthly Book Club, with every publication embodying the elements of sustainable transportation–social responsibility, financial security, and ecological stewardship. For more information, please email

A PDF of this release can be downloaded here.

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