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TransportiCA's Reading Club profiles monthly selections true to our mission of sustainable transportation, as well as, covering a variety of related transportation elements: infrastructure and resiliency, transit-oriented development, smart growth and smart cities, shared mobility services, intelligent transportation systems, and many others!


Each month, when we announce a new selection, we also have a contest consisting of three questions pertaining to the author's professional background.  Whosoever name is drawn, with all three correct answers, wins a signed copy of the selection from its author.  (And remember, this contest is NOT limited only to U.S. residents; we all benefit from global insights, and TransportiCA greatly appreciates our followers abroad.)


We look forward to hearing your thoughts on our selections and their amazing content.  Questions for this month's selection are located on the Reading Club's webpage, and by clicking on the month's selection photo.


For more information, email: info[at]

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