Brian C. Swanson, AICP - Federal Director, TransportiCA


Swanson is a professional planner with a deep understanding of the nexus between transportation and land use, and the resulting impacts on quality-of-life and place.  His interest in transportation and land-use began early; raised in a quintessential New England city, he witnessed his local fairgrounds–opposite the municipal airport–redevelop into the second-largest shopping mall in the tri-state area.  Beyond transportation and land-use, his other interests include economic development, environmental issues, and using technology to increase operational efficiencies and to create better plans and outcomes. 


Throughout his career, Swanson has specialized in analyzing transportation policy, programs, systems, and services.  He has also spent considerable time evaluating the environmental impacts of large infrastructure projects.  In his most recent roles, he collaborated with managing transportation demand and parking at academic and corporate–tech–campuses.  Previously, he was a consultant to large engineering, design, and construction firms, broadband network developers, and government agencies, in addition to local and federal government positions.


Swanson has been involved with a diverse range of projects, a sampling of which includes: assisting in the development of policy proposals to relieve airspace congestion in the New York metropolitan area; ensuring air service to rural communities, as well as, popular, but seasonal tourist destinations; managing environmental regulatory compliance programs and aviation activity forecast updates at the San Francisco International Airport; conceptualizing intelligent systems to manage access to, and travel within, Yosemite National Park; and the installation of transpacific broadband networks connecting Central and Southern California to Far-Eastern countries.  Of late, he has renewed his commitment to surface transportation issues, where much of his academic work has been focused.


In his free time, Swanson can be found trying to rekindle the college tennis experience he chose to forego, snowboarding through powder-filled back bowls, and otherwise, reacquainting himself with the San Francisco Bay Area–especially its hidden treasures. 

He has a soft spot for sleepy coastal towns with limited transportation access and/or options – Tofino, Canada; Bushmills, Northern Ireland; and, Parati, Brazil, to name a few, 

a not-so-crowded canopy covered trail, and the organized chaos of megacities.




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